Bella's Portrait


 Artist- Joan Weed

Darling little Bella


Bolognese Painting

A very talented lady, Joan Weed, sent us a  picture of a painting she did of their grand-dog.  A beautiful Bolognese  named Bella!  Joan perfectly captured a Bolognese Dog!  Bella is one of our 3rd generation Bolognese!


A Puppy For Emma


Recently we had the privilege of providing a Bolognese puppy for a precious, Make a Wish child.  Make a Wish is an incredible organization. Making wishes come true for children battling serious illnesses.  A Child and a Bolognese puppy -  a match made in heaven!


 This is the 2nd  Bolognese puppy we’ve placed for 

Make a Wish.  

Bolognese Dogs

                Watch Harley Ring the Chimes!

Bolognese are easy to bell train. They are very smart little dogs. They love routine and games-  hang a bell down from the door he goes out. Swipe the bell with his paw every time you take him outside.  He will catch on quickly!  And YES, he will trick you once in a while, when he just wants out to play!