Beautiful Bolognese Puppies

Beautiful Bolognese PuppiesBeautiful Bolognese PuppiesBeautiful Bolognese Puppies

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About Bolognese Dogs

  About Bolognese-  Bolognese have crimpy, silky like coats. They have been raised for centuries for no other purpose than strictly companions for people. Therefore, they are the ultimate companion dog and are loyal, love your attention, and are abundantly affectionate. They have very strong attachments to humans and love pleasing you. They are even tempered, highly intelligent and love to be  trained. Their winsome ways captivate your heart. They instinctively perform what is called the Bolo dance in which they stand upright and dance around, rolling their paws in the air to greet you. They are calm and friendly and love you unconditionally.  The weight standard for Bolognese is 5-9 pounds.    


Bolognese puppies

Our Bolognese parents weigh from 5-9 pounds, so we have small and larger Bolognese puppies for sale. Our puppies have champion bloodlines and health tested parents. We are longtime Bolognese dog breeders in the USA.

Bolognese are sweet little companions and make wonderful family pets!


About Us

At My Darling Dogs we have over 16 years of experience breeding Bolognese. We take the health and preservation of the Bolognese breed seriously. We have been health testing our adults for three generations. Bolognese are a rare breed- with very few Bolognese breeders in USA and even fewer bloodlines.  So within our family, three of us raise Bolognese. Bolognese is the only breed we raise. We share our males so our puppies are never inbred.  We do this together, so we can preserve the Bolognese bloodlines and help to insure that this wonderful little breed continues to thrive in the United States!  

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  Shipping is $195 to $235 anywhere in the United States. 

Call or email for more information about our Bolognese puppies. 


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